About us

The ReachActive Group of companies (ReachActive and Energoinvest ReachActive) provide a range of services to the power and utilities markets across the UK and Ireland.

ReachActive’s culture centres on:

To be the foremost utility engineering and building systems provider in the UK and Ireland.

Mission statement
Through dedication, collaboration, innovation and honest evaluation ReachActive will continue on its path of sustainable progression for the benefit of all its staff, clients and the communities in which it operates.

Values – STRIVE

  • Safety – continuous promotion of a safety culture targeting http://laparkan.com/buy-vardenafil/ zero harm
  • Teamwork – collaborating and benefiting from working together
  • Respect – for staff, clients, communities and the environment
  • Integrity – delivering on promises
  • Vision – being open to all possibilities
  • Excellence – dedicated to high quality in all ReachActive does
  • Goals


    provide the best place to work

  • Investing in staff by increasing proficiency and safety
  • Enhancing retention by offering opportunity

  • Communication

    maximise the benefits from technology

  • Selecting inclusive technology that enhances business communications
  • Providing access to timely, accurate, current information

  • Stakeholders

    understand and respect stakeholders

  • Building strong supply chain relationships and empathy with all stakeholders
  • Delivering excellent customer service

  • Value

    enhance the overall value of ReachActive

  • Using innovation to understand and enhance services
  • Increasing value for staff, clients and ReachActive

  • Enviroment

    less is more

  • Reducing ReachActive’s environmental impact
  • Improving environmental sustainability