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Equal Opportunities

We recognise the importance of a diverse work group and are committed to take every action to avoid discrimination


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Ireland & Basingstoke

Engineering Excellence through Proficiency

ReachActive provides specialist engineering services across the power, multi-utility and building services sectors within the UK and Ireland. We are a forward thinking and innovative contractor adept at recognising business opportunity, identifying gaps in the market and delivering total solutions that meet the needs and exceed all expectations of our clients.

ReachActive provides its clients with a single source of specialist project resources and services. This approach has led to its five complementary divisions, which provide an unrivalled breadth & depth of engineering services.

  • Multi-utility installations and diversions
  • Overhead power lines
  • Substations
  • Underground power networks
  • Building services

Our vision is to be the foremost utility engineering and building systems provider in the UK and Ireland.


  • Safety – continuous promotion of a safety culture targeting zero harm
  • Teamwork – collaborating and benefiting from working together
  • Respect – for staff, clients, communities and the environment
  • Integrity – delivering on promises
  • Vision – being open to all possibilities
  • Excellence – dedicated to high quality in all ReachActive does


  • Every employee has a duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions
  • Every employee has a duty to co-operate with their employer in assisting that employer to comply with any relevant statutory provisions
  • Every employee must actively promote a safety culture by setting an example to others and acting in a safe manner at all times
  • Every employee has a duty to bring to the notice of others their acts or omissions which impinge on health and safety

Every employee has a duty to:

  • Comply with all legislation applicable to their employment and to the rules, regulations, standards and procedures of their employer
  • Only carry out tasks for which they have been trained and, where necessary, tested and certificated
  • Report accidents, incidents (near-misses) and hazards as they occur

Every employee has a duty to inform the company Safety Manager of any hazards or risks identified which may arise out of project design or construction activities, for inclusion within the risk log.

As a minimum, every employee will receive training in Fire Precautions, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations 1986) and, where required by their post, Personal Track Safety and the use of Personal Protective Equipment.

A library of Key Safety Publications will be maintained and will be made available to every employee for reference.

The PICW will perform duties covered within their voltage level approvals from LV to 400kV. They will be required to climb wooden poles and towers using the necessary safety equipment supplied by ReachActive. They will be responsible for the job instruction as issued to them by the PIW (Person Issuing Work). They will also be responsible for requesting and receiving permits to work/Telemess.

  • Compliance with Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality requirements
  • Compliance with CDM Regulation requirements
  • Compliance with relevant company policies and procedures
  • Compliance with client’s requirements
  • Value engineering
  • Industry best practices
  • Delivery in line with the programme requirements
  • Standard requirements



  • Climb both wooden poles and towers
  • Request/Receive PTW
  • Testing for loss of voltage
  • Earthing OHLs / supervising the earthing of OHL
  • Replacing old and erecting new equipment/hardware at both pole top and tower top
  • Splicing and terminating conductors to client specification
  • Fitting and removing network earths
  • Witnessing/carrying out polarity checks
  • Overall control of thier crew
  • Quality control of their work area



  • Trained to PICW level with a proven record in this discipline
  • Experienced in the OHL power industry with 5 or more years’ experience
  • Proven experience within a similar role on major projects
  • Proven ability to work on both wooden poles and towers
  • Have the ability to carry out work instructions issued to them by their line manager
  • Provide training records/authorisations to verify their qualifications


1. Climb both wooden poles and towers
2. Request/Receive PTW
3. Testing for loss of voltagef
4. Earthing OHLs / supervising the earthing of OHL
5. Replacing old and erecting new equipment/hardware at both pole top and tower top
6. Splicing and terminating conductors to client specification
7. Fitting and removing network earths
8. Witnessing/carrying out polarity checks
9. Overall control of their crew
10. Quality control of their work area



If you meet the requirements of the role, we would love to hear from you. Either apply by sending your CV directly to or fill out our on-line form here