Corporate Social Responsibility

For ReachActive, Corporate Social Responsibility is an issue in which we all have a stake. Our actions today will influence the lives of future generations. Protecting the environment is a vital concept within corporate social responsibility and is changing the way business is conducted.

ReachActive conveys a proactive approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility, which we believe will increasingly provide a competitive advantage both externally through protecting company reputation and the accompanying publicity, and internally through employee engagement.

ReachActive has recognised and accepted that we don’t deliver our business in a vacuum but operate in a wider community that has an impact on their, and others, futures.

To demonstrate commitment to coordinating our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, we have produced a policy that defines our approach and confirms its importance throughout the Group’s companies. Please click here to view this document.


  • We shall encourage environmental responsibility amongst our stakeholders, including clients, contracts, suppliers, and staff
  • We shall conduct our operations in a way which minimises our consumption of natural resources and manages waste through responsible disposal and the reuse and recycling of materials where economically feasible.
  • We shall comply with all legal requirements
  • We shall include environmental considerations in our purchasing and procurement processes
  • We shall regularly review our progress in relation to this policy

Waste Management

  • We are committed to reducing the amount of waste that we send to landfill by reusing, recycling or converting to a fuel
  • We will brief our staff and provide guidance in the use of the re-cycling bins
  • We arrange for waste to be recycled, via the use of a suitably qualified  waste removal company
  • We arrange for printer cartridges and other consumables to be recycled