National Electricity Registration Scheme

Energoinvest Reach Active are a trusted Independent Connections Provider. We can be found on the official NERS registry/Independent Connections Provider online list here.

The National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) serves to promote competition in the electrical service market.

In the NERS scheme, the board performs technical assessments of service providers who have chosen to be assessed. Once accredited, the service provider will become a NERS provider (also known as Independent Connection Provider (ICP).

For more information regarding the Lloyd’s Register Energy and National Electricity Registration Scheme, please visit the official website here.

Cable Laying
  • LV 11kV
  • 33kV
  • 66kV
  • 132kV
Civil Works
  • Civil Works

  • LV Dead
  • 11kV
  • 33kV
  • 66kV
  • 132kV
O/Head Line Wooden Pole
  • LV – PM
  • 11kV – PM
  • 33kV – PM
  • 66kV – PM
  • 132kV – PM
O/Head Line Steel Tower
  • 33/66kV – PM
  • 132kV – PM
Substation Installation
  • 11kV
  • 33kV
  • 66kV
  • 132kV
Electrical Design of Distribution Networks Covering
  • HV Cable Networks 11kV
  • HV Cable Networks 33kV
  • HV Cable Networks 132kV
  • S/Station 11kV
  • S/Station 33kV
  • S/Station 132kV
  • O/Head Steel Tower 132kV
  • O/Head Steel Tower 33/66 kV
  • O/Head Wooden Pole 66kV
  • O/Head Wooden Pole 33kV
  • O/Head Wooden Pole 11kV
  • HV O/Head Networks 11kV
  • HV O/Head Networks 33kV
  • HV O/Head Networks 132kV


Full Approval
Partial Approval

Scopes highlighted in blue are for partial approval meaning the company has the required systems and procedures to do the work but has yet to demonstrate these or is currently unavailable to offer work for surveillance.


Partial Approval for Design of LV Cable Networks to Industrial and Commercial Properties

Areas of work