District Heating

The concept of using District Heating for the purpose of distributing heat energy around a community, district or more widely throughout a town or city in the United Kingdom has not been very widespread.

However, District Heating has been used in this way for many years in Europe and in particular is very common in Scandinavian Countries. In Denmark, more than half of all homes are heated from District or Community heating systems.

The UK Government and Local Authorities have recently become very interested in the development of district heating and cooling as it can play a significant role in the supply of low-carbon heating and cooling in the UK.

On average, over 80 per cent of heat supplied by district heating originates from renewable energy sources or heat recovery (i.e. from electricity production or industrial processes).

For District Heating projects, ERA undertakes all project work phases which include the detailed design, civils and pipework construction packages. ERA is at the forefront of the installation of these systems and currently in the process of installing a number of District Heating systems in the UK.

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