Our Success to Date

ReachActive is a forward-thinking, innovative company which operates across the Power and Utility sectors. Built on recognising business opportunities, identifying gaps in the market and delivering total solutions that meet clients’ needs. Persistence and diligence have been hallmarks in ReachActive’s success.

The last five years have seen 75% average year-on-year growth, gaining framework contracts with five of the eight distribution network operators in the power sector, and contracts with leading property developers in London, based on ReachActive’s unique multi-utility services.

Reach Active is embarking on an initiative to assess and train staff using a methodology innovative to the Power Industry.

Proficiency Based Progression

Proficiency Based Progression (PBP), is a methodology which, by using a detailed task analysis, a proficiency standard can be established for a particular procedure or skill using objective and validated metrics. All training and assessment is then based on these defined metrics, ideally in simulated environment to reduce risk, and trainees are not allowed to progress until they had met the proficiency standard required.

The approach has a strong research based and has been empirically validated, Reach Active is working with Professor Anthony Gallagher one of the leading experts in the world on Proficiency Based Progression on implementing this methodology in the organisation.

We feel the methodology will offer us significant advantages in the marketplace as an organisation that can develop a highly skilled workforce with a demonstrated level of proficiency. This would be of particular interest to electricity generation and utility providers UK and Ireland, who due to this skills shortage are looking more and more to engage the services of experienced highly proficient contractors to undertake services on their behalf.

The approach being adopted by Reach Active is summarised in the diagram below: