Brookfield plc – One Leadenhall – ICP Delivery and Multi-utility Diversions

One Leadenhall will be a new 36 storey building adjacent to the historic Leadenhall Market.  This new tower is bringing 28 floors of office accommodation, 9,300ft² of retail space and a free public terrace to an important corner of the City of London. The 36-storey building will reside next to the Grade II* listed Leadenhall Market, on the site of the ancient Roman Forum, an area home to several historic City structures, including the Lloyd’s building, St Michael’s Cornhill and St Peter upon Cornhill.

ReachActive are responsible for a full design and build strategy for all multi-utility diversions, disconnections and new incoming services.  Our ICP design and build delivery comprises of approximately 3.5km of civils trenching/ducting and associated HV cable jointing and commissioning thus providing our client with a new 11kV diverse circuit through heavily congested road and foot ways within the City of London.